Upcoming Shows

February 28, 2014

@ Max Canada

(243 W. Washington St, Athens, GA 30601)

With: Dying Whale, Capital Will, &

The Rotten Stitches


March 14, 2014

in Greenville, SC

Details Coming Soon!!


May 9-10, 2014

@ Caledonia Lounge

(256 W. Clayton St, Athens, GA 30601)

Up Your Athens Punk/Ska Fest #4

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On a dark and stormy night a long time ago, God and Satan had a battle... And the outcome of that battle is this band...
We are not the best, or the worst, but just like said battle, we are epic. We believe in a better world, and more equality, but knowing that that will never happen, because of the higher forces against us, we FIGHT!
The name, Triangle Fire, will not be described here because it is time that you use your only tool for power (knowledge) and find it on your own; Because only when we start using our brains will we truly make this world a better place......
Fight the system and stay punk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Up Your Athens Punk/Ska Fest #4:
(Hosted By Nick & Tandi of Triangle Fire) 


Will take place at Caledonia Lounge

(256 W. Clayton St, Athens, GA 30601)

on Friday, May 9, 2014 (Doors @ 7:30) &

Saturday, May 10, 2014 (Doors @ 4:00)...


ALL AGES... $1 for 21+... $3 for under 21

***27 BANDS... (See line-up below!!)***


The “Cause” Behind Up Your Athens Punk/Ska Fest:
Hello, my name is Tandi Murphy-Hall and I have been hard in the punk scene for well over 20 years now. I remember what it was like going to shows in the early 90's and how huge our community was, but somewhere along the way, that got lost. 
I now have kids of my own and our house is driven by music, but I have met so many kids that don’t have that in their lives and this makes me very sad.
I would like to make a stand for the kids today and give them an option or even open the door that was once opened for me that changed my life forever… Punk… Because there are few that come into this world with the knowledge of punk and their fist in the air!! 
Most shows these days, especially in Athens, are at a minimum 18+ and have an attendance level of 5-50 people… And that’s a shame! There is no reason this has to continue. 
With this being said, my husband and I host the Up Your Athens Punk fest twice a year to help offer something for the kids, to try to re-build the scene, unify the community, and help put Athens back on the map. 
The fest is ALL AGES and usually only costs $1 for 21+ and $3 for under 21. At this price and the advance notice we give, this allows everyone a chance to attend! We try to have an average of 12-16 punk and ska bands on the bill.
We thrive on the fact that without EACH and EVERY person being there to help spread the word and coming out to support, that our goal is simply not possible and only insures an even sadder future for the world.



May 2014 Line-Up:

Fourth & Long (Atlanta, GA),

Shehehe (Athens, GA),

Five O'Clock Devil (Atlanta, GA),

In Tents (Atlanta, GA),

Kater Mass (Athens, GA),

Chunx (SC),

Burns Like Fire (Athens, GA), 

Eliminate Earth (Atlanta, GA),

Monsoon (Athens, GA),

Parrothead (Athens, GA),

SubCon (Athens, GA),

Rubrics (SC),

The Fact (Athens, GA),

El ChupaskAbra (Atlanta/Athens, GA),

Capital Will (Athens, GA),

Hermits Of Suburbia (Atlanta, GA),

Forsaken Profits (Atlanta, GA),

Taped Fist (Macon, GA),

La Suegra (Atlanta, GA),

Grinchfinger (Macon, GA),

Interstellar Upstarts (SC),

Triangle Fire (Athens, GA/Greenville, SC),

Endless Bummer (Baltimore, MD),

The Rotten Stitches (Atlanta, GA),

Karbomb (Athens, GA),

August Spies (AL),

Ganges Phalanges (Atlanta, GA)


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